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Clean Room Process Monitor

Clean Room Process Monitor
Clean Room Process Monitor
Product Code : CPM 105
Brand Name : Styrax
Product Description


            The STYRAX “Clean Room Process Monitor” has been specially developed keeping process measurement requirements of CLEAN ROOMS in Pharmaceutical industries. The Process Monitor can measure Relative Humidity, Temperature and Differential Pressure through inbuilt sensors. It has on demand dew point display. The Monitor has status LEDs for process violation indication.  Humidity, Temperature and pressure will display individually and data transfers to any master device on modbus serial communication. It also has communication diagnosis LED. The monitor has inbuilt buzzer for audible process violation. It has keypad to programming the instrument by user. It has Stainless steel Modular Face plate, which is designed as a mounting accessory for monitor suited for Modular wall Clean Room applications where you need flush mounting mechanism. This instrument enables you to measure humidity, temperature and differential pressure in the following fields:

·         HVAC (Heating, ventilation, Air conditioning, cooling)

·         Pharmacy industry.

·         Blood stations, pharmacies.

·         Horticultural and cultivation of plants.


·         Advanced Microcontroller based inbuilt RH, Temperature & DP measurement.

·         Software programmable channel ranges and unit.

·         Programmable resolution.

·         4 Digit, 0.39” bright LED display for displaying DP, RH & Temperature.

·         Process parameter status indication with 3 LEDs.

·         User selectable set limits for process value violation.

·         Inbuilt buzzer to audible process value violation.

·         Password protection for calibration and programming mode.

·         Software Calibration for 3 channels.

·         MODBUS RTU multi drop RS-485 serial communication for PLC, SCADA, etc.

·         Programmable baud rate.

·         Diagnosis of Communication with master.

·         Remote programmable from master device.

·         User programmable offset correction.

·         Brick and modular wall mounting.

·         Stainless steel enclosure.




No. of inputs: 3 (RH, T, DP)

Input RH : Integral RH+T sensor  

Input T :Integral RH+T sensor  

Input DP : Integral RH+T sensor  



%RH:   Window 2, 4 digit 7 segment 0.39” red LED display       

 Temperature:Window 2, 4 digit 7 segment 0.39” red LED display

 Differential Pressure:Window 2, 4 digit 7 segment 0.39” red LED display

 Status indication: LEDs for visual alarms, buzzer for audible alarm, LED for  RS-485 communication


%RH:0.0 – 100.0 %RH          

Temperature:     -40.0 – 100.0 degC

Differential pressure: -105.4 – 105.4 mmWC,


     -7.75 – 7.75 mmHg,

     -10.54 – 10.54 cmH2o,

     -4.15 – 4.15 inch H2o,

     -21.6 – 21.6 Psf (USA),

     -10.34 – 10.34 hPa,

     -0.15 – 0.15 psi,

     -1034 – 1034 Pa,

                                                         -1.034 - 1.034 kPa.   

Accuracy :

RH                                       : +/- 2%RH of 10-90%

                                                      4%RH for remaining

Temp                                 : +/- 1deg for 0-40deg

                                               +/- 2deg for remaining

DP                                       : +/- 1.5% of FSR

Response time              :    8sec for RH

                                                  12sec for Temp

1sec for DP

Communication type     :  RS - 485 isolated

Baud rate                            : 9600/19200/38400

Protocol                               : MODBUS RTU

Power supply                    : 20-30VDC

Enclosure                            : SS316 faceplate with MS powder  coated box

Mounting                            : Brick and Modular wall